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Bashing God quite a career move

Published:Tuesday | September 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Bwoy, Michael Abrahams, you are always on stage, it seems, ever seeking applause and attention. Last week, after 'socking it' to them Christians via The Gleaner, you were meeting with your 'boys' on your Facebook page, 'knocking fists' and engaging in high fives with your atheistic/agnostic crowd, promising much more sniping and comedic caricaturing of Christian ideology in the near future (which you have since fulfilled).

You've even been gloating over your seeming polemic 'victory' over the Jamaican 'religiotards' (as one of your supporters put it) - while skilfully faking your "genuine desire" to learn the "truth" about God, while showing much camaraderie and appreciation for Christians (like the Rev Clinton Chisholm) that you want to show "nuff" respect to. Hmmmm.

And the Actor Boy Award goes to Mikey! By the way, I did some Googling of your numerous anti-Christian pieces released in recent times, and after reading them through - which ranged from you making deliberate fun of Christian teachings, to deliberately sniping at Christianity's God and the Christian's Bible - I am convinced you have discovered that Christianity in Jamaica is 'fertile ground' for you to make a writing career out of caricaturing it. Great career move!

Finally, I see you labouring feverishly to paint yourself as a "general human rights activist", yet ironically you are actively set against a certain group of religious people, and doing your best to publicly belittle, caricature, and undermine the integrity of their faith. Great going, Mr Human Rights Activist!


Teacher, Munro College

St Elizabeth