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Night football for schoolboys full of risk

Published:Wednesday | September 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I note with concern the fact that the schoolboy football competitions have commenced, with some matches, from the second round onward, to be played at night under lights.

While this might be desirable for the organisers and the spectators, what plans are in place for the schoolchildren who will be on the road at night after these games? Some of them will have to take public transportation to far distances from the venue to get home. I am not only concerned about the players, but also the students who travel to these venues to support their teams.

Who is concerned about the safety of these children travelling home so late at night and who have to get home to do their homework and prepare themselves for school the following day? Schoolboy football attracts more spectator support than most other competitions. I'm sure the organisers are aware of this and may only be interested in the returns they can get from these games, with no consideration for the well-being of the schoolchildren.

I thought these interschool competitions were first and foremost for social interaction and friendly rivalry. By playing these games at night, it puts the children at great risk. It also takes away the social interaction of the children who are not able to go to these weekend night matches to support their team, as some parents will not allow them to be out that late. It, therefore, will defeat the original purpose of rallying support from the school population.

The organisers have missed the main purpose of the competition and have given in to expediency and appear to be mainly concerned about gate receipts.


Spanish Town, St Catherine