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God of Bible is real, merciful

Published:Saturday | September 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


For the past weeks, I have been thinking and seeking counsel through the Holy Spirit as to the reason/s behind the articles of the gifted, talented, educated and jovial Dr Michael Abrahams, who, for some reason, has doubts about God's existence and His infinite mercy.

Michael isn't, and will not be, the last person to question the existence of God - the Christian God. Without jumping to conclusions, something tells me that Dr Abrahams has had some really bad experiences with God and his believers, and as a Catholic Christian, this is no surprise. But, let me assure Michael that no great explanation, biblical reference or history can explain this mysterious God whom I have come to love and give my life to.

The Roman Catholic Church, which has preserved the Bible during the Church's persecution during the barbaric period and has translated it through men like St Jerome and Catholic monks, still maintains that the interpretation of the Holy Bible should be done only through the teaching authority of the Church. Therefore, I can say it is for this reason that your reading of the Bible causes confusion.

The Israelites, Hivites, Ammonites, Philistines and the Amorites all told of the mysterious figure of God through their eyes. They all had their story of the saving power of God and how he conquered their enemies and made them victorious. And, of course, they spread this story of God.

Their testimony of God is mucky, weird and unbelievable, but this is how they believe God had mercifully redeemed them. Can you imagine the Bible with only angels mentioned? A Bible where mysterious beings sing and chant only? This would have no meaning to the people at the time and to us today, and so men told of the salvific ways of God, who is just, merciful and loving.


Seminarian for the Roman Catholic

Archdiocese of Kingston