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Unimpressed with Granny P

Published:Tuesday | September 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Our dear prime minister is losing her touch, and, by extension, the people. While there is incredible sympathy for Sister P as a woman, the rest of us cannot continue to sacrifice our future to irrational affection and loyalty to someone who is clueless.

As I listened to her speak at the PNP conference, I felt a sense of dÈj‡ vu. I had heard it all already. There was nothing aspirational, nothing inspiring.

I consider myself a balanced, uncommitted young professional, and I felt empty. The truth is that Sister P's generation's time has passed. I am respectful of age and experience and all that, but there is a reality. Sometimes the experience and wisdom are irrelevant to the time. To my generation, Granny P is irrelevant.

No matter how good the PNP is as a political organisation, political parties are usually limited only to mobilising their base. It is the leader of the party who attracts those outside the party base. Portia, in this sense, is a liability to the PNP. The last poll figures show her trailing her own party.

However, the greater despair is that except for Julian Robinson, the young people coming into the second tier of the PNP are worse than the people they hope to replace. I note that Peter Phillips, the PNP member with the most political capital, did not address the conference as would be expected when the economy is such a foremost topic in an election.

It seems to me that the PNP is sensing what I feel, and the behind-the-scenes machinations have started to move Granny Portia for Father Peter, or is it Brother Paulwell, or Brother Bunting? Personally, I prefer Sister Lisa.


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