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Too easy to wreck rape accused's lives

Published:Wednesday | September 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to an article published in The Sunday Gleaner titled 'Investigating sex crimes'. As I sat and thoroughly read the article, I was appalled and shocked at what I think is a blatant failure on the part of our justice system.

It clearly stated that an arrest can be made on the complaint of an alleged victim with no investigation done to verify if there is any truth to the allegation. This would mean that anyone is open to being slapped with similar charges without any real proof - just one person's word against another.

Someone with an axe to grind can make a false report and create mayhem in another person's life. This is just not right! I understand and fully support an aggressive move to bring perpetrators of sex crimes to justice, but isn't the Jamaican justice system, the police and CISOCA going to be embarrassed when cases like these are thrown out of court?

It is our tax dollars going down the drain to pursue these matters that could have been easily cleared up with a proper investigation.

I would hate to know that it is just pure laziness on the part of the police that has led us to this point.


Dillsbury Avenue

Kingston 6