Sun | Sep 23, 2018

Remember Portmore in your election excitement

Published:Thursday | September 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Now that the country is on election alert, when will the Portmore boundaries issues be sorted out so the electorate of Portmore can be ready? We were not ready in 2011and 2012 so we ended up voting in two elections with two different boundaries. The result was described as untidy and intolerable, and to date this untidiness continues. The minister of local government and community development seems not to care one hoot about the residents of Morris Meadows, Caribbean Estate, Country Club II, Clifton, Lime Tree Grove, Lakes Pen and other communities not being represented, as dictated by our Constitution. Why should the government care anyway ? The existing Portmore and the proposed Portmore is PNP country, with no visible opposition from within or without to challenge what I will describe as political disenfranchisement of the highest order. When platforms are used to talk about the democratic process, I am sure Portmore is not at the forefront of the government's thoughts. The late George Lee must be turning in his grave to see what the community he served as mayor has descended into under the leadership of the current Government.

They speak about the democratic process while they impose a councillor to act in the place of a directly elected mayor for a time period only they know. I cannot wait for the elections to come because, like the prime minister, I am ready.

Howard Hamilton

Portmore Pines,

St Catherine