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Bunting's Plan to Use the Voter’s List A Fascist Move

Published:Wednesday | October 7, 2015 | 7:50 AM


A fascist move can be the only description to describe security minister and People's National Party's vice-president Peter Bunting proposal to use the voters' list to assist in crime control. While crime is spiralling out of control and this minister has been a total failure, his alternative is to now propose to violate the populace rights by wanting to exploit the voters' list.

It was on CVM Live of October 7 that Metry Seaga and Opposition Spokesman on Industry Karl Samuda reminded host Simon Crosskill that crime takes away 50 per cent of profit from manufacturers. Bunting needs to educate himself and desist from his arrogance and fascist attitude. One would imagine that being a part of the British Jamaican bilateral conspiracy to push a prison down our throat he would be tolerant and respectful of our democratic rights, but instead he now wants to deprive us of confidentiality of addresses and residence. No, Mr Bunting, you need to recant.

As a tacit PNP supporter, I only went to enumerate in July. My hesitance for years was that my data could land in the lap of some foreign agency, as was the case in the late '90s. Now, Bunting wants to destroy that trust and violate citizens' rights. What next this security minister will propose? He needs to stop the politicking and address crime so we can get foreign investment as, apparently, he does not read or get his information to realise that every day there is a murder or serious burglary or rape or preadial larceny in our beloved island and nation. Less crime means better and more productive manufacturing industries, agro businesses, commercial entities, animal husbandry and dairy production.

Perhaps some true PNP who are well-intentioned Jamaicans need to lecture him on citizens' rights, democracy and socialist philosophies towards his fellow men so he can desist from his arrogance and proud utterances. He is no bigger Comrade than others and needs to understand his Jamaican people.

Maurice Christie

Aboukir, St Ann