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Handout politics cost Crawford victory

Published:Friday | October 9, 2015 | 10:58 AM


The internal contest between Damion Crawford and Peter Blake was quite intriguing. I have listened to Crawford several times and have been inspired by what he brings to the table. He actually says things that ought to be said and, based on reports, does things that ought to be done.

I hear it being rumoured that he called his constituents "dunce beggars". I am actually sure that he could not have made such a statement.

However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the reality that the culture of dependency is plaguing the country. Education promotes the combatting of the symptoms of poverty. Handout politics has got to end. The politics of empowerment has to be promoted at all cost.

I heard Mr Crawford encouraging people in the garrison to resist supporting criminals, as it negatively affects the community.

What message is the PNP sending if they accept this recommendation from the delegates, most of whom say the challenge was just a ploy to get back at the member of parliament. "The worst of five," as one councillor describes Blake, was used "to teach the MP to respect people." That man does not respect the country, the constituents or the process to actually select and convince people to vote for what he considers as the worst.

Damion Crawford was a breath of fresh air in a space congested with false pretences to secure a majority vote. He challenged Comrades and Labourites alike to practise politics in a more principled way that would give power to the people.