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Patterson barb publicity stunt

Published:Friday | October 9, 2015 | 11:50 AM


No apology can be considered sincere if it's coerced. Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson's demand that British Prime Minister David Cameron apologise for slavery appears to be a publicity stunt to distract the attention of the public from the pitiful performance of his party now that an election is imminent.

Unquestionably, slavery was a nasty business. But the history of mankind is the history of slavery and brutality.

All the great empires were built on the backs of slaves. Even the Bible implies that slavery was acceptable. African slavery could not have survived without the blessing of the Christian Church, yet today we still worship the Christian God.

Black African slaves were sold to the English slave ships by their brothers. It seems we should also be demanding an apology from those African countries involved in this

economic enterprise.

Our relentless quest for reparation is a futile effort. The British government and its citizens will never acquiesce to such a demand. It would be unwise to set such a precedent. Every former English colony would be lining up with their tin cups. The cost to the English taxpayer would be enormous.

What is ironic about this brandishing of our swords at David Cameron is the fact that many Jamaicans would welcome a return to British rule. To suggest that this resilient nation will never recover from the dark shadow of slavery until we get a confession of guilt from our former slave masters is absurd.

What we need to do is free ourselves from mental slavery, become nation builders, instead of pathetic beggars.