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Let’s have a discussion about culture, heritage

Published:Monday | October 19, 2015 | 10:46 AM


I really appreciated reading the article by Martin Henry (Sunday Gleaner, October 18, 2015, 'The Institute of Jamaica and preserving Jamaica's cultural artefacts') which is quite timely as we celebrate this heritage weekend.

As a student of history and culture I am concerned that not enough discussion on preservation of our heritage and culture take the spotlight.

The contribution by the Japanese prime minister is not something to keep a secret in the same way I think that the declaration of the Blue and John Crow Mountains as a world heritage site is being held in the back pocket as a trump card for something. What that something is I cannot figure out yet.

The Japanese are big on culture and heritage and I do hope that the contribution will go a far way in helping to address some of the shortfalls with the IOJ.


I think too that The Gleaner should devote a weekly discussion (column or otherwise) on culture and heritage as there is so much that seems to be lost in the mix of the crime statistics and election campaigns.

Our youth need to know the legacy that has been left for them to build on and some

of us 'older generation' need to remember where we started.

I would love to start a conversation about 'Things Jamaican' and the future of that brand. That is a whole different conversation but still in the realm of culture and heritage. Thank you Henry.