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Is health minister devoid of feeling?

Published:Friday | October 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The minister of health, Fenton Ferguson, in his response to the press report of the deaths of 18 babies and a larger number being affected as a result of bacterial infection at the Cornwall Regional and the University hospitals, did not express shock and disappointment, but, instead, gave the impression that there was nothing to worry about since all the affected babies, dead and alive, were born premature.

It appeared to mean less to the honourable minister than it did to United Nations Population Fund resident representative Sheila Rousseau, and Lone Hvass, United Nations Children's Fund deputy representative, who found the loss "shocking, painful, and horrendous".

I wish to tell to the honourable minister that those affected premature babies were not the first to be born in Jamaica, and about the same time that they were born at Cornwall Regional and University hospitals, premature babies were born at other hospitals in Jamaica who are still alive today, and are not battling any sickness, because they did not suffer as a result of bacterial infection.

Our politicians must stop insulting our intelligence. If it were not in you to display strong feelings of sadness about the deaths of 18 premature babies and the larger number of affected ones who are fighting to live, it would have been better to offer no comment.


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