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JLP, PNP: swapping black dog fi monkey

Published:Thursday | October 29, 2015 | 12:00 AMLorenzo Bogle



In his letter to the editor of October 28, 2015 titled 'Third parties hopeless', Michael Dingwall argues with himself. He acknowledges up front that many people form other parties "out of a sense of complete frustration with the current political order".

Jamaicans since the emergence of Jamaica's two major political parties - the Jamaica Labour Party and the People's National Party, or JLPNP - have been giving sign of their disquiet through third parties. Third parties, which, more often than not, have been downplayed by interest groups or individuals whose snouts are so deep in the trough of scarce benefits and spoils or who have their own political agenda, so they choose to make defeatist utterances or act in defiance of the signal being sent through third parties.

It is the JLPNP that have managed the affairs of Jamaica for the past 71 years using a system that, it is believed, now places the country at the brink of bankruptcy. It is this same system managed by both JLPNP that may be liken to a huge cesspool of corruption, lies, mismanagement and non-accountability.

Sir, the two major political parties have been at great cost to this country, especially, monetarily and at the loss of many Jamaican lives.

One cannot be a part of a cesspool of a system where the people seem to 'swap black dog for monkey', none caring about Jamaica, just for party. Is this system the writer would like patriotic people to join?


General Secretary, NDM