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People's Report: One-year nightmare with RGD

Published:Friday | October 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Clinton Chisholm

Last year November, I applied to the Registrar General's Department (RGD) for reinstatement as a marriage officer (having lived abroad for several years).

I paid the requisite sum, took and passed the required reading and dictation tests, and was told by a staffer there that a police check on my bona fides as a functioning pastor would be required. Until now, no request regarding this check has been received by the police in Sligoville where I live and work.

In fact, I got a call from the Porus police about three months ago that they had received a request pertaining to my application. So, it seems that the RGD mistakenly sent the request to Porus instead of Sligoville.

I explained to the police in Porus that I was living in Sligoville and they promised to send the document to the Mandeville station for it to be sent to the Spanish Town Police. After waiting another month or so with nothing having been received by the Sligoville police, I travelled to Mandeville and Porus but got no clarity about the whereabouts of said document, so I went to the Spanish Town Police Station and enquired. It was not there either.

I advised the RGD by email what I learned. Still nothing. Just this morning in amazement and frustration, I called the RGD to get an update and was told politely but pointlessly that the matter would be checked out and a response sent to me.

In which century are we really?