Sun | Aug 20, 2017

Get the Guns at the ports

Published:Tuesday | November 10, 2015 | 11:00 AM


Commissioner of Police Carl Williams, some weeks ago, announced the Get the Guns initiative with great fanfare and attendant publicity. But I wonder how much serious thought had gone into this before the announcement was made.

So far, we have heard that some 90-odd guns have been recovered, but shouldn't the police have been doing this as a normal part of policing?

However, the question that is truly at the heart of the matter for me is: What is being done to stem the flow of illegal guns into our country? So you seize 90 guns, but 200 come in during the same time. Do the maths. With the number of shootings reported daily, it would appear that almost every puss and dog has a gun.

Where are the intelligence-driven operations that are meant to stem the flow of guns from the source? How are we going to cauterise that seemingly unending flow?

The amazing thing in all of this is that we are told repeatedly that the main source of guns into the island is from the drugs-for-guns trade coming out of Haiti. So we know the general source - mainly by sea, I imagine - and yet we seem incapable of disrupting the flow.

I feel sorry for Carl Williams because it appears to me that, like several of his predecessors, he is just another talking head, looking to give the next sound bite to the media, then disappearing only to emerge at the next crime scene.

Just find a way to stop the guns - at source.


St Mary