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Can Audley Shaw be trusted?

Published:Tuesday | November 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


On November 9, The Gleaner reported, "Audley Shaw, the fiery Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) spokesman on finance, has acknowledged that he erred last week when he told supporters that a health ministry audit team had reported from as far back as August that there was an infectious outbreak in the neonatal unit of the Cornwall Regional Hospital." Yet, a week ago he was READING from the LEAKED audit report.


The infectious outbreak


On Sunday, November 1, at a JLP mass rally in May Pen, Clarendon, Shaw produced what he said were excerpts from the audit of the public health-care system that suggest that the health ministry knew of an infection outbreak at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

This was followed by an interview with The Gleaner in which Shaw said, "The health ministry knew about the infectious outbreak in August, contrary to what Health Minister Fenton Ferguson has said.". Shaw told the Gleaner that, "On the day the audit team arrived at Cornwall Regional Hospital, there was an infection outbreak in the neonatal unit," information he read from a leaked audit report.

Shaw then said that "Dr Ferguson has lied to the people of Jamaica" that they [MOH] first learned of the "serratia and klebsiella outbreak" on October 16, though the report was given to his department in August, the Gleaner reports.

On November 6, The Gleaner, in a follow-up with the release of the audit report, declared, "The findings of the audit of Jamaica's health facilities do not support claims by Opposition Spokesman Audley Shaw that auditors reported there was a deadly infectious outbreak at the Cornwall Regional Hospital from July."

Now caught with his pants off, Shaw claims he was misinformed! What document was he reading from? Why should the electorate trust anything that proceeds from the mouth of the opposition's spokesperson on finance?


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