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Substandard workforce holding back economic growth

Published:Saturday | November 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM


workforce holding

back economic growth

For any country to experience economic growth, it must achieve a competitive advantage, utilising its natural resources and its human capital.

Human capital to be competitive must be well trained and responsive to the dynamic economy in which we exist. A key component of a highly-competitive workforce is its ability to create value for its employers.

On Friday, November 6, 2015, I had to call three separate business places to execute transactions that involved my spending monies with them.

I called the first and, when answered by the customary automated telephone system, I was placed in a queue. I waited 20 minutes before someone was available to assist me. Before being attended to, however, the representative, immediately upon answering, placed me on hold for five minutes.

At the second location called, I was again greeted by the automated telephone system. I followed the instructions relayed to me and soon, I was directed to an operator who enquired where I needed the call to be directed. I told her and waited through another bout of telephone ringing. The ringing continued for another 10 minutes unanswered. I hung up and moved on to the third location.

The third location was similar to the second, with a slightly different twist. Someone actually answered the phone but immediately placed me on hold. I waited for about five minutes after which I hung up.

These were all private-sector companies, in business for profit. When will the leadership (private and public sector alike) in this country take their heads out of the sand and tackle to real issue for our economic stagnation. The issue is with our substandard human capital.