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Cost-sharing and taxes

Published:Wednesday | November 18, 2015 | 12:52 PM


I read in The Gleaner of November 18, 2015 where the leadership of the Jamaica Teachers' Association stated that they do not support the elimination of cost sharing in schools up to the high school level. I must say that I find this quite disturbing. Most of all, this is not a FREE ride for our children's education. The citizens of this county are so highly taxed until sometimes one loses track of the various taxes with which we are saddled.

I am therefore very perturbed by comments that parents should pay cost sharing for education and public health care. We are already doing so. What is so wrong with a country spending some of the tax collected on its citizens? In whose interest are these educators working? Of course, they are okaywith. With the salary deal, signed with the Government many of their children will benefit from fee waivers, some up to university level. How dare they tell the rest of the country to pay! We are already paying those fees by our taxes: that is how it works in progressive countries - high school is basic education.

Taxpayer's money should not only go to pay debts to receive a good rating from international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Certainly, I did not see the IMF on my ballot paper when I cast my vote.

Let us get it out of our heads; it is not free health care and free education. We are paying for it and will continue to do so through generations. This is not a tax-free country.

P. Rebecca Brown

Gregory Park PO

St Catherine