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Flow could have spared itself embarrassment

Published:Friday | December 4, 2015 | 11:04 PMAlfred Sangster
Alfred Sangster

In an earlier letter to The Gleaner's People's Report in the October 24, 2015 edition, I argued that the telephone company FLOW was acting illegally in sending out bills without the attached listing of calls being made. I am happy t\o report two important developments.

1. My latest home telephone bill for November 22 has the list of calls made which can be used for checking. I can say: Concern addressed, I hope permanently. The question remains as to how many people who wish to have the details of calls attached to their bills still have not got this information.

2. The back of the envelope had a new attention line. The envelope previously had the line: Hello Convenience. Goodbye Paper This heralded the saving of paper (not goodbye) with the elimination of the list of calls on 'Going Green'. There is now a new attention line reading: Sign up for ebilling at www. Discoverflow.co This new attention line - which incidentally would not apply to customers without Internet access - simply adds the action that FLOW should have asked customers to do at the start of its Going Green campaign with the proposed removal of the list of names from bills. The Office of Utilities Regulation had, in fact, pointed this out in a message to FLOW: "that customers were not advised in advance of the proposed discontinuation of the detailed bills." Clearly there are customers who: Either: Do not want a list of calls and who are prepared to believe FLOW's billing information. Or: Are prepared to read their list of calls on the Internet and download or not download the list.

FLOW, in its arrogant action without first contacting customers and advising them of the proposed changes, has caused itself unnecessary confusion and embarrassment.