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Establish small economic projects for the unemployed

Published:Thursday | December 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am deeply aware of the economic and social challenges the Government faces, coupled with the demand for increased salaries on the part of civil servants and other public sector groups. There is also the pressure to find funds to support public hospitals and provide free medication and other medical services for patients.

In light of this, I am proposing that these groups could be assisted from funds that are borrowed from lending agencies to establish small economic projects such as bee-keeping to produce honey for the domestic and foreign market and other small enterprises. There are some closed factories with facilities that could be utilised for processing agricultural products are being wasted due overabundance of these. Guava, mangoes, otaheitti apples, breadfruit, tomatoes and other vegetables as seasonal crops come to mind.

In certain districts such as Kentish, Juan-de-Bolas and Garden Hill water for domestic use is difficult to obtain. It is not unusual to see pregnant women and small children carrying water fetched from gullies and springs on their heads for long distances from their homes. Some of the perennial springs and gullies could be entombed and the water treated to assist these less fortunate individuals.

Where electricity is concerned, the use of solar energy for various purposes could be promoted. Understandably, the initial cost may be high, but in later years, it will pay off.

I hope these suggestions find favour with the incumbent decision-makers and receive generous support at all levels.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the views through this medium.

Louis O'Conner