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Is Jamaica the 51st state?

Published:Friday | December 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Another year is coming to an end. In 2015, Jamaicans became even more Americanised. We should apply for statehood.

I point out some of the Americanisms that have taken root.

Until President Obama visited in April, the auditorium at the University of the West Indies was just that - an auditorium. It is now a town hall.

Our media, never big on originality, are the main perpetrators. Every community centre with a political meeting is now a 'town hall'.

We have a generation that can't tell who the Helsinki Four is or Lawrence Rowe. But they know every NFL and NBA star.

Miss Lou is rarely mentioned in media. Who is Dennis Brown? We love the Kardashians and Kanye.

Children are kids. Youths say 'what's up' and call each other 'dog'.

Jamaicans host Super Bowl parties, celebrate Halloween and Black Friday. The fourth of July is around the corner.

Ironically, we shun the things that have made America such a force for centuries: talent, discipline, fixed election dates.

There was a time when being Jamaican meant being unique. Now, we are as American as apple pie.


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