Sat | Nov 17, 2018

Ban Dwayne Vaz from party platform

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Now that East Rural Member of Parliament Damion Crawford is packing his bags and heading for the departure lounge, it seems as if Central Westmoreland Member of Parliament Dwayne Vaz has intentions of filling the gap in the areas of vulgarity, crudeness and tactlessness.

After observing Dwayne Vaz's behaviour, I am left to wonder about the direction in which the country is going. Make no mistake, terrible things have been said on political platforms in the past, but Mr Vaz's comments are among the worst we have heard in a long time. What example is he setting for the youth of Jamaica when he behaves so much like a gangster?

It is unacceptable for Mr Vaz to be inciting political violence, especially in St James, where the police are being made to work overtime because of the high level of crime that exists there.

As a young political figure, Mr Vaz should be ashamed of himself, because he has only confirmed people's suspicion that the young politicians are no different from, and are perhaps worse than, the older ones. Mr Vaz has started off by treading a very dangerous road, and his party, the PNP, and his constituency must be wary of the path he is taking.

Until Mr Vaz can demonstrate that he can operate at a certain standard and be exemplary, he should be banned from the political platform, for the greater good of our politics and, ultimately, the country.


Bogue Village, St James