Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Frustrated at adoption delay

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I express my utter dismay at the way in which the adoption process for my child has been handled. In fact, mishandled would be a more accurate way of stating it.

All the required documents for his adoption were filed and submitted. We were told all we were waiting for was a home visit then the court date. We waited and then started calling as the wait period seemed rather long.

We learned, however, that the officer who was at the time in charge of the case was on sick leave for some time. After she returned, we went in to see her, hoping the process would have been judiciously expedited. However, this was not the case as the officer admitted that one document had been overlooked. It was deemed that to contact the birth mother to redo that process was not a good idea as she had previously given the child up for adoption then changed her mind and taken him back. Again, she changed her mind and returned him to us.

Fearing another change of mind and emotional upheaval for my son, we felt that our hands were tied and did not know how to resolve the matter, and so for six years, we have been waiting for the Child Development Agency (CDA) to rectify this problem without causing distress to our son.

The CDA messed up, and now we are in a fine pickle. We want this case to be quietly and quickly rectified. We need the CDA to own up to its blunder and take corrective measures without causing any emotional damage to our child.