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Disappointed with political ombudsman

Published:Friday | December 18, 2015 | 12:03 AM


Our political ombudsman may have failed her first set of tests.

I have formed the view that albeit early days, our newly installed political ombudsman has not done a very good job of acting swiftly and decisively in dealing with the matter involving Dwayne Vaz. I'll go further to say that the media are doing a far better job of prosecuting the matter than our new ombudsman.

I'm no political sage, but what Mr Vaz went on a political platform and did is beyond reprehensible and demands the greatest level of condemnation. I have not heard the People's National Party impose a single sanction on Mr Vaz. In fact, if you observe, he is poised to receive praise for finally apologising and proposing to set up a workshop that he will host to provide information on the Political Code of Conduct.

I listened to Nationwide at 5 Wednesday evening and I must say the ombudsman had a certain praise in her voice as she talked about how Mr Vaz, of his own volition, came up with this idea of a workshop. I am sorely disappointed.

After two years without an ombudsman, I rather hoped that now that the office was no longer vacant, we would see and feel its presence, especially in light of the grave issues with which the office is confronted. I fully expected the ombudsman to unreservedly denounce the actions of Dwayne Vaz, hold the individual and party to full account and, without fear or favour, enforce the Political Code of Conduct that will hold both major parties to account. I am still expectant.