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Father Albert a servant of the people

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Monsignor Richard Albert


Words will never be able to express my profound sadness at the loss of my friend and spiritual adviser, Monsignor Richard Albert. It seems surreal that in the middle of the holy season we have bid farewell to someone who was so full of life as Monsignor Richard Albert. It seems so surreal that someone who we met along the way since his arrival in Jamaica way back in 1976 has left us so soon.

Father Albert was not only a true friend to me but a true servant of the people who single-handedly did more to uplift and help the less fortunate people of Jamaica than anyone I knew. He was unique as a priest, as his friendship with people transcended all denominations, including my Anglican faith.

Monsignor Albert fell in love with Jamaica on his arrival and became a naturalised Jamaican citizen in his latter years. It was always his stated desire to live in Jamaica until his 'calling' came.

Unfortunately, that calling has come way too soon, one year short of the three score and ten biblically appointed to us. He has gone way too soon, especially for those left behind who depended on him spiritually and otherwise.

It is my personal belief that Father Albert, besides the medical reasons, died of a broken heart. Those of us who knew him well will attest to this. It is ironic that those of us in public service are constantly surrounded by throngs of adoring people yet life, at times, itself can be a lonely road. Thankfully, his faith in his church remained strong despite being consistently tested in recent years.

I am positive that he has now entered the pearly gates of Heaven and has been received with open arms and forgiveness by no less than our Creator for his admirable works done while here on earth.

Through divine intervention, I was privileged to have been there for him in his last hours, not knowing until after his death that one of his few wishes in life was not to die alone. Thankfully, this wish was fulfilled, as he deserved no less.

Rest well, my friend. You will live in our hearts forever and always remember our motto, 'Who God bless, no man curse.'