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Letter of the Day: Coral Gardens reparation step in the right direction

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The present approach by the public defender in respect of the injustices of the Coral Gardens security atrocities decades ago must be commended as the sins and omissions of the past against our African heritage must be confronted and unreservedly dealt with.

The Coral Gardens issue is only one such incident.

Let me place on record that when I was chairman of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), I publicly, from the platform of a Black Friday commemoration, apologised to the Rastafarian community for the actions of the JLP, and I stand ready to support any movement to have any Government of Jamaica implement the reparation demand of the public defender.

Indeed, I consider the demand for repatriation by the Rastafari Livity Council to be a major plank of the wider demand I make for reparation from Great Britain, which I will be pursuing with more vigour as we approach the commemoration of the Zong massacre in Black River on December 22.

It is my firm belief that until we confront and address the mass exploitation of our African heritage and begin to open up equally the opportunities to education and land ownership, coupled with the corrected written truth about our past, like the persecution and prosecution of Marcus Garvey, the martyrdom of our true national heroes, and rewrite the 'cousin syndrome legacy of our modern-day heroes, who all but facilitated the continued illiteracy of much of the Negro element, we will not be free of the shackles that bind us to bowing at the altar of economic expediency, rather than the belief in ourselves.

Let us remove the 'sweat-of-your-brow' belief and transform our being into the creativity of our minds

Up you mighty race!


Member of Parliament, Central Clarendon