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People's Report: CEO defends Digicel Play performance

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM

In a letter titled 'Wheel and come again, Digicel', written by a Darlene Scarlett and published in The Gleaner on December 17, 2015, the writer spoke of a "less-than-satisfactory" experience with Digicel Play. We immediately reached out to the customer via the email address printed below the letter. Up to the time of writing this response, the writer has not replied.

At the same time, our customer care teams carried out a database search using the name and address provided in the letter. We found no such customer on record. We then contacted all customers within the area the writer is said to be from. All customers reported that Digicel Play worked perfectly.

We went further to check service complaints to our Customer Care Centre. Here, we found that there was no outstanding complaint regarding Digicel Play. Although the steps outlined may seem rigorous, our teams were helped by the fact that Digicel Play has a very low number of service complaints because of the product's proven service reliability.

Put together, the facts above do not point to any such customer being on our database. As such, there is the very strong appearance that the complaint was either fabricated or that the writer made an error in identifying the correct service provider. Based on recent public expressions of discontent, the latter seems more likely.

Otherwise, we find it inappropriate for anyone to make up complaints that when published, risk devaluing the proven credibility and solid reputation of your newspaper.

Since its introduction in October, Digicel Play has been positively revolutionising home entertainment for more Jamaicans daily. We are very proud that our US$100-million investment is delivering blazing fast and consistent Internet speeds and an amazing TV experience to homes.

Our simple plan is to keep making the Digicel Play the most attractive communication and entertainment experience around, while we pride ourselves on offering award-winning service to customers.

Thanks to all new Digicel Play subscribers who have called or tweeted about their amazing user experience. We have more exciting things to share very soon.



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