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People's Report: Passport office is a national disgrace

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew.

The passport office is the most inefficient and disgraceful organisation that I have had the misfortune of having to deal with.

On December 17 at approximately 12.30 p.m., I accompanied my grandson there to renew his passport. We were directed to a pre-checking station, which I thought was a good idea since they would ensure that all the documents were in good order before we went any further. Not so.

The wait in that area was approximately half-hour. Then he was given a number, C66, and it took about one and a half hours for that number to be called. But guess what? When he went to the window to which he had been called, he was told that his application could not be processed as: a) He only had one picture.

b) His birth certificate had not been photocopied (this should have been done at the pre-checking station!).

What this experience tells me is:

a) The management at PICA does not train their staff properly.

b) Staff and management there have absolutely no respect for the public. For why else would people's time be treated in this cavalier manner? They are certainly there to ensure their clients do not have a stress-free Christmas!


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