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Letter of the Day: Hypocritical anti-gay lobby gives free pass to lesbians

Published:Monday | December 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I like the big picture. We, as society, have an unhealthy obsession of majoring in the minor. We romp along the margins, and so skirt the larger, central issues at play.

I see an example of this with Derrick Gillespie's letter, 'Perverting truth on buggery' (Sunday Gleaner, December 20, 2015). In effect, the teacher from western Jamaica was trying to teach us a lesson that "a high percentage of gay men suffer from anal cancers worldwide because of the unnatural friction involved", and, conversely, the vaginal opening is meant for "penistic friction" and, therefore, healthy. Mr Gillespie's point is that buggery is a national health epidemic and thus deserves to be criminalised.

At the end of the letter, Mr Gillespie noted that he would be praying for Maurice Tomlinson, the person to whom his letter was addressed.

I want to ask all Jamaicans, what is the

big picture here? The fact is, Mr Gillespie

and other anti-gay supporters deplore homosexuality, and the easy stomping ground for that crusade is buggery. Because, after all, there is often little, if anything, said about lesbianism or lesbian intimacy. Why? Because it is harder to fly and furnish the apocalyptic health statistics, which often serve the purpose of being a bogeyman, to justify hatred (or disgust) of gays.

The fact is, as Mr Gillespie well knows, the vagina is made for friction (not just of the penile sort - the tongue comes to mind), and, therefore, lesbians, according to his logic, ought to be more than comfortable (in a healthy manner) to engage in gay sex. But he is not trumpeting, nor will trumpet, the lesbian equality horn anytime soon. Why? Because he is against homosexuality, which includes lesbianism, despite the fact that his logic, when applied consistently, made such intercourse perfectly healthy and, therefore, natural.


And so anti-gay supporters will fight the war on homosexuality by waging a battle against buggery. The optics look better for them from that angle. But, the truth, from whatever angle, never changes. Mr Editor, cigarettes cause cancer, but I don't see a national campaign to criminalise it. Ironically, we simply accept that people have a right, on privacy grounds, to engage in the activity of smoking (despite the fact that second-hand smoke kills).

Mr Gillespie offered prayer for Mr Tomlinson who, if I were the latter, would readily accept. I don't begrudge a sincere prayer; in fact, we, as a country, need more of it. But, I would urge Mr Gillespie that while he is in prayerful solitude, he might offer a prayer for himself, too, because the good Lord detests hypocrisy.