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Letter of the Day: God saved Lady Saw, and He can save you

Published:Saturday | December 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lady Saw


Back in the 1990s and even beyond, Lady Saw was more raucous and raunchy than Vybz Kartel in his time, as she spewed loose, lewd and derogatory music while directly and indirectly destroying many pliant minds.

She was the epitome of sexual vulgarity. Her stage talk was usually littered with obscenity. Saw was just one crass woman, who, ironically, carried the title of 'Lady'. So why should anyone believe she has changed? Can a leopard change its spots?

Marion Hall is someone I know personally through business interactions. In another work environment, it necessitated her visiting me from time to time. I learnt that Marion Hall was somewhat shy off-stage, kind-hearted and wasn't fully convinced of being the person she transformed into while on-stage.

She longed to have children, helped many, and loved and had lots of dogs at her St Andrew home.

Bad-minded folk

But you know, a couple weeks aback, I attended a music event at a church in Braeton and a Pastor Danvers gave the charge. According to Danvers, there are always bad-minded folk trying to keep others prisoners of past sins, not wanting the persons to progress after they've been forgiven.

No matter how far gone you are in sin, and for however long, once you ask forgiveness with a contrite heart, God is willing to forgive you. Once Lady Saw has asked for forgiveness and has repented of her sins, her slate is wiped clean.

Hall's responsibility is not to justify herself to detractors but instead to live to the glory of God.

How far gone are you? Are you much worse than Saw? Then, run to God! He can change you!