Sat | Dec 15, 2018

People's Report: Avoid that right lane in Half-Way Tree!

Published:Saturday | December 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I must have missed the newspaper publication where it was gazetted that the far right lane along Constant Spring Road, immediately in front of the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre, has been designated a taxi stand.

Quite often, when I drive through Half-Way Tree, I make the silly mistake of occupying this lane, much to the displeasure of legal and illegal taxi operators, who believe I am hindering their picking up and dropping off of passengers along the busy thoroughfare.

It's worse when I dare toot my horn, for this is when the loader men jump in and get abusive while accusing me of not allowing them to 'eat a food'.

I am further convinced that I must be in the wrong because all of this takes place in full view of policemen who, one morning, were only too busy to notice that my vehicle registration had expired after I came to a screeching halt to avoid hitting passengers alighting from and boarding a 'robot taxi' in the same right lane.

The policemen on duty never cared that commuters were unsafely darting into the steady stream of vehicles coming down Constant Spring Road, or that the 'robot taxis' were impeding the flow of traffic. No, Sir, it was my vehicle registration, which expired the day before, that caught their eagle eyes.

So, there I was waiting patiently to be ticketed while multiple vehicles made quick stops, passengers made hasty exits, and new commuters hopped in to hurriedly claim seats while drivers shouted their routes repeatedly to attract more customers - all regardless of police presence, the 'No Stopping' sign, or the traffic light going green.

This is Half-Way Tree as we have come to know it and, sadly, as the police have come to condone it.