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Think again, Minister

Published:Tuesday | December 29, 2015 | 12:01 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Perhaps I didn't read correctly what was carried in The Gleaner; a declaration by the National Security Minister Peter Bunting that the security forces are in control of Jamaica's crime situation?

Mr Bunting and I do not share the same reality. His management of the national security portfolio is extremely wanting to say the least, and all the money that has been spent on various crime- fighting initiatives are simply not reaping any measure of success.

I don't know how Mr Bunting can make such a declaration when all around us our children, our sons and daughters our mothers and fathers are dying. But since we are talking about Mr Bunting, one can hardly expect any better. He is the one who described the murder spike as merely a bump in the road.

Officers of the law, the very people he says are in control of crime are themselves becoming victims of crime and violence.

Is it such a difficult truth for Mr Bunting to accept that he has resorted to simply denying the existence of an increasingly serious crime situation under his watch? Even I, a lowly little man, know that the very first step to solving any problem, however big, is to first acknowledge that there is a problem.

Mr Bunting is appearing to bury his head in the sand. Well, guess what? There is a problem Mr Minister; it's out on the streets and in our homes wreaking havoc and leaving death, destruction and devastation in its wake.

Phillip Rowe