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Letter of the day: Is the NDM still a factor?

Published:Wednesday | December 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

It's time for rebirth in Jamaica; it's time to reignite Jamaica; it's time to grow our economy; it's time to bring young people to the front of the nation's agenda, and the best way is in the new leadership with the National Democratic Movement (NDM).

Jamaica, it is indeed happening. the NDM has in place new leadership, inspiring and strong candidates to contest the next general election. To many, this may come as a surprise, but should be very welcomed to all. The NDM has just become the best thing for Jamaica, now and in the future.

The NDM has created national plans to address all sectors of the Jamaican society. With our plans, the NDM will be implementing all the ideals, policies and programmes within our core principles. We consider the commitment to open and transparent governance as the most important statement of undertaking by the movement. Other commitments include, but are NOT LIMITED to, plans for national security; plans to fix the health-care crisis; plans for education, especially early childhood; plans for job creation, specially tailored to the young and the young-at-heart; plans for development; plans for opportunity, to eradicate poverty; plans to fix the justice system; plans for a national ID programme; plans for infrastructural improvement; plans for energy, to include technology, the environment and global warming.

The new NDM leadership's plan is to begin the process to make Jamaica the best country in the region and the world. This new leadership intends to take Jamaica to first-world standards. This will be understood when our national plans are examined in detail. At that time, the financial resources to execute the NDM plans in stages will be presented.

Under our new leadership, we propose a fundamental tax reform whereby we will:

- Eliminate income tax - employees will have more disposable income.

- Reduce corporate tax.

- Reduce GCT over time, to its original proposal.

- Education tax will be at a realistic percentage to fund the process for needy Jamaicans from prenatal to tertiary level.

- Health-care tax will fund a national health-care system to enable needy Jamaicans access to service and facilities with the introduction of ability to pay.

- Increase the minimum wage to an amount equivalent to our cost-of-living index.

Under the NDM's new leadership, Jamaica's pay scale will be the same or similar to international standards or those of similar counterparts in the USA. For example, for public-sector workers, teachers, health-care workers, police and military personnel, and fire fighters, remuneration will be adjusted upwards.

The question that will be on many people's mind is why hasn't the NDM gone public or, better yet, started campaigning? The answer is: "We only make commitments after we are positive that the NDM's plans are sound and workable in Jamaica. We are developing our platform with workable solutions, and we encourage all Jamaicans to 'come into the light' by joining us in the rebirth, for a better Jamaica."

Michael Williams

Chairman of the NDM