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Published:Thursday | December 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The outcome of, ' Courtesy begets courtesy' may sometimes cause inconvenience and unanticipated problems for others as in the case of a JUTC driver who tried to be a 'Good Samaritan'.

Early December, it was raining heavily in the afternoon. On arrival at the number 44 bus terminal at the East Great House Circle in Havendale, a good deed was carried out that turned out costly for others. The operator drove a female passenger to her destination up the hill into Belgrade Heights.

On the decent, the bus developed mechanical problem and was consequently disabled in the middle of the bend,near the Water Commission's reservoirs. The police was not called, and the obstruction of vehicular traffic had adverse effects on a couple of perienced female drivers. These ladies failed to successfully negotiate and manoeuvre around the bus without incurring damages to tail end of their vehicles.

I was not able to find out if the driver had 'supervisory authorisation' to extend such

courtesy to a passenger, but if the bus were equipped with GPS - someone at the dispatchers' office would see that that bus was outside of its designated range.

And swift action, could have saved the JUTC the additional expenditure on fuel and the tow truck.

Furthermore, there are many residential areas where the utility devices are not high enough for JUTC buses to navigate without causing damage to the buses' air conditioning fixtures.

Glen George Wilson


St. Elizabeth