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KSAC missing in action in Half-Way Tree

Published:Thursday | December 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I write in disgust at the manner in which the Kingston & St Andres Corporation (KSAC) has allowed the Half-Way Tree urban area to degenerate into an urban dungle.

The bus stop at Brooklyn Supermarket, on Hope Road, is now a mini Coronation Market, overtaken by a horde of vendors selling fruits, vegetables and ground provisions. You now have a situation where the JUTC bus cannot pull into the bus bay as a result of these market vendors. Bus drivers are forced to stop in the middle of the road to let off and pick up passengers. This is, of course, a dangerous practice since it puts passengers into harm's way, particularly disembarking ones who may be hit down by the taxis that frequently undertake the buses when they come to a halt at that spot.

It is extremely disturbing at the number of 'mad' men who inhabit the sidewalks on both sides of the road. In particular, an unusually aggressive 'mad' man has now made his home on the sidewalk alongside the Hope Road entrance of the St Andrew High School for Girls. Just last week I witnessed him spitting at a young lady who was passing by. The nauseating stench emanating from him and his habitation is so strong that it can be detected at least 50 feet away.

The KSAC has done a poor job of keeping the streets clean. There are no trash receptacles in the area and so the public and vendors litter the place without any sense of civic pride or decency.

I invite the Mayor of Kingston to leave the comforts of her well-appointed parlour, take a walk in the capital city, engage in deep introspection, and honestly ask herself if she is proud of the job which the KSAC is doing. I suspect that her answer would be very different from mine and the other 900,000 Kingstonians. Her Worship's strengths, it seems, lie in engaging in unbecoming 'tracing' on social media, manufacturing faux outages ("what the 'f'?!''), and taxing handcart vendors.

These issues, I am sure, will likely fall on deaf ears. The KSAC is incredibly tone deaf and, as I have come to reluctantly accept, incompetent. It has brazenly exposed itself to be a bloated pig trough where those that partake of the pork barrel have no shame as they wallow in it in wanton abandonment. Indeed, if there is anything which stirs the KSAC out of its narcoleptic state, it is the idea of planning another wasteful retreat in some north coast resort, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill.

Ashford W.Meikle