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Letter of the day: War on Christianity coming to Jamaica

Published:Saturday | January 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Ian Boyne, in his column, 'No Ceasefire From Christmas War' published, December 27, 2015, was right, there is a war against Christmas and Christianity by secularists.

This war is being fought one-sided, at the moment in the North American media, and it is having devastating effect on the values, worldview, way of life and morality of Christianity. As Boyne stated, the war will soon be fought right here among us in Jamaica.

The secularists have put Christianity on the defensive and, in many cases, it appears that Christians are retreating into their various enclaves and burying their heads in the sand. When you think about it, in the face of the many negative social and cultural changes on Christian's icons, values and morality in the last few months, the silence of the educated church is seriously disturbing.

This war on traditional Christianity has even resulted in the American giant Starbucks to capitulate and change their coffee cups by removing the traditional Christmas icons and replacing them with new generic ones. Additionally, many stores in America are no longer saying 'Happy Christmas', but rather 'Happy Holidays'.

Interestingly, it is okay to say 'Happy Thanksgiving', 'Happy Easter', 'Happy New Year', but to say 'Happy Christmas' will have the secularist taking to social media and using the most hostile and foul adjectives to denigrate the individual or institution which dares to comment contrary to their world views - so much for "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

Secularism champions two primary values within society:- hedonism and consumerism. History has shown us that hedonism, if not kept in check by some morality, eventually destroys a society - a classic case study is the decline of the old Roman Empire.

Secularism, with its war on Christian morality, values, world view, principles, Christ and Christmas have long taken over western educational system. This has resulted in an 'enlightened' generation which has emerged with a new morality - which is no morality at all. This new morality they now call freedom.

My main concern in all of this, however, is the silence of church leaders. There is almost a felonious complacency among so many - not unlike the proverbial frog in the kettle - to the social, cultural and political war that is in full swing by the secularists against their way of life and work. Today, we have lost Christmas, tomorrow, it will be Easter and next the new generation of uninformed Christian young leaders will re-write the morality of the church into the image of the new sociology.

Denton Rhone

Vice-president, Northern Caribbean University