Mon | Jan 21, 2019

Thanks be to God

Published:Sunday | January 3, 2016 | 11:02 PM


It is fitting to start the New Year giving thanks to the God, who made my existence possible. I thank You, most gracious God, for sparing my life and family and the millions of other persons' lives to see the New Year.

We know we are not worthy of Your love, Almighty God, so we are most grateful for still loving us. Help us, eternal God, to be more sensitive to Your commandments and to do Your holy will out of love for You.

Eternal God, continue to watch over Jamaica, land we love. Guide us with Your mighty hand. Keep us free from evil powers. Be our light through countless hours. Holy God, guide us in our plans. Help us, and give us your wisdom as we make decisions.

Lord, we place our children into Your hands. We ask You Almighty God to shield our children, protect them from the evil ones. Help us as parents, Almighty God, to be a good example for our children.

In this New Year, the year of elections for Jamaica, holy God, do not leave us to make our own decisions, but please direct every step that we make. Work things out according to Your holy will, I beg you, holy God.

Help those who are in need, provide a way out for them. Open up doors and show Your holy power. Most of all, Almighty God, let this year be a year in which many people will turn their lives over to You and live a new way of life that will bring glory to You, and blessings to them. I end with Deuteronomy 6: 5: "Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength." Amen.

Fay Buckland