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JPS and public litter

Published:Monday | January 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Two weeks ago on December 16 or 17, a Jamaica Public Service (JPS) maintenance crew came and cut some branches from two trees that were overhanging the electricity wires that run in front of my house. They fell blocking the sidewalk and I subsequently had them clear an area to facilitate pedestrians.

On Monday the 21st, I called JPS to ascertain if they were going to clear the debris and was assured then, and on the two other occasions that I called up to December 30, that it was their responsibility to do so. Had I been told that, the trees having been cut by their professional crew to ensure a safe exercise, I was requested to have the branches cleared away, I would not have protested.

It is now approaching three weeks and especially as my house is the second one entering Hope Pastures and right at the intersection with South Monterey Drive, the now dried foliage is particularly unsightly, the more so as this has been over the holiday season. I am copying this to the Hope Pastures Citizens Association which may be left wondering at my seeming disregard for the image of our community.

I trust that publicising my appeal may meet with some response. Now that the branches are dried, the exercise of removal will also involve dealing with the consequent litter of dried leaves. Or will the latter become my New Year legacy?

John Maxwell