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Letter of the day: Clean streets for 2016 Angela Brown Burke

Published:Monday | January 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM


We, the residents of Richmond Park, would like to know if clean streets are too much to ask for in 2016. I see where the Mayor of Kingston Angela Brown Burke has a penchant for engaging in public banter via social media. Perhaps we would best get her attention if we, the citizens of Kingston, started to use #CleanOurStreetsAngelaBrownBurke with uploaded photographs that express her abject failure when it comes to public cleaning.

Of course, we expect the loquacious lady will rattle on about the measures she has taken with respect to permits for vendors in downtown Kingston. It seems that our public officials repeat and retweet minor successes to mask major failings. For instance, one wonders if the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation promulgated any policy paper that sets out a business community or district versus a residential community.

We note with horror the constant creep of businesses, specifically cook shops, tyre shops and car-repair shops which continue to spread through Kingston's areas of residence. The impact this has on public health is obvious. Each of these business types generates tremendous solid waste. Waste which goes uncollected for weeks on end. Tyres one storey high are often seen in the back of many of these establishments. These become a literal habitat for rats, roaches, and other infection-bearing pests.

Then there is the impact it has on family structure as for several hours in the night mechanics can be heard hammering, wrenching and welding, sometimes until early morning. Then there is the impact it has on public safety (as distinct from health) due to the fire hazard presented.


Dismal record


It is sad that the days of Her Worship Marie Atkins, so briskly followed by Desmond McKenzie's tenure are made to reflect excellence when compared to the dismal record being racked up by the incumbent. One who, when compared to the likes of Ralph Brown and others, is but a mere pretender to the office of Mayor of Kingston.

Regrettably, the process of recall does not yet apply here. For surely Angela Brown Burke would secure her spot in history by being the first mayor recalled for underperformance. Quite an achievement when underperformance is so common place that to stand out atop the heap is a feat in and of itself. It is best in circumstances such as these that one watches the sales (performance) and not the noise (the mayor's incessant social-media quarrels).

Fiona J. Allen

Richmond Park