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Simpson Miller taking a joke too far

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It dawned on me over the weekend that Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller is either badly in need of advice or just needs to move on for the sake of the country and become a full-time comedian.

While at the Shaggy and Friends concert at Jamaica House, the organisers rightfully had balloons released into the air in memory of the many babies who died at the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Cornwall Regional Hospital during recent infectious outbreaks. There, Prime Minister Simpson Miller had an opportunity to tell us that she would never ever sanction the poor leadership, mismanagement, and incompetence that claimed the lives of 19 babies in the interest of politics.

She should have expressed deep regret for the disturbing episode and reinforced that her removal of Dr Fenton Ferguson, the then ill-fated minister of health, was done to show how serious she was about accountability and good governance. Of course, it would be a struggle for people to buy it, given her poor leadership, but at least it would show to all that she is desperately trying to make a difference. Instead, and to my horror, the prime minister saw it fit to run on stage and spend time with comedians Ity and Fancy Cat!

Unfortunately, the prime minister was so far up in the clouds that she could not hear the snickering from very displeased audience members, many of whom are sick and tired of the poppy show. God help us!


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