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Letter of the day (II): Gayle out of line

Published:Wednesday | January 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


There have been two recent incidents that I have thought about which lead me to ask if we are prepared for success.

The first is the delightful interview of Sherona Forrester, the 2016 Rhodes Scholar, who identified the many ways she had been prepared in her home, community, school and in her life in sports and the choir for the scholarship. She was not aware at the time how each of these steps was preparing her.

On the other hand, I cringed when I saw Chris Gayle, one of the West Indies' leading cricketers, make an inappropriate remark to the female interviewer in Australia. In that country, the former prime minister complained about the sexist comments which she endured in Parliament and in her public life.

Chris was so completely out of line that even the male journalists cringed. Australia has the reputation for being a land of jocks, but even there, there are rules.

How then do we prepare people for success? Is this a job for mentors, publicists, parents? There are some who believe that we do not need to exercise self-control, decorum, decency because of our wealth or fame. This is not true and I know that this is the second time that Chris has been castigated for this.

If we are not prepared, we can run afoul of the law, lose endorsements, and damage our reputations and those of our sport and nation.


UWI, Mona