Thu | Nov 15, 2018

Gayle's behaviour an affront to civility

Published:Friday | January 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Chris Gayle's shocking and sickening solicitation of the affection and company of the Australian female reporter on camera must be seen for what it really is - a demonstration of the worst kind of crassness that one does not expect to find outside the pig pen. And if this display of gutter-wallowing was not upsetting enough, persons on social media frightened the daylight out of some of us by shamelessly saying that nothing is wrong with what Gayle did.

More Jamaicans need to realise that this 'no-problem' mentality does not extend beyond our shores, and that, despite its uniqueness, Jamaica is still part of the global community that is guided by conventions.


Persons like Christopher Gayle enjoy deceiving themselves that they serve as role model for our children. If Mr Gayle accepts this designation as a role model for our children, is he then telling our young men that this is how a man should seek to establish friendship with a woman?

Gayle's constant failure to remember to play with his bat close to his pad is now being carried over into this interviews, where he completely forgets that he is not always on the streets of Kingston where young men make it a habit to insult and degrade women with their vilest of language and gestures.

I am deeply saddened and disappointed when I hear people like Oral Tracey excusing Gayle's disgusting conduct by stating that there are no set rules as to how a man 'looks' a woman.

While I agree with a lot of things Mr Tracey says, especially about West Indies cricket, I must, however, hasten to condemn such utterances. If it is a universal truism that first impressions last, we need not look too far for the cause of the shocking level of broken relationships in this country. What I mean is that the quality of our intimate relationships is in large degree determined by the way these relationships were started in the first place.

Would Mr Tracey look at his 10-, 15- or 18-year-old son and tell him that when the time comes for him to seek friendship with a female, he should approach it the way that Christopher Gayle did?

Mr Tracy, if the abuse of women by men, where too many men feel that a woman is nothing but an object to satisfy their sexual desires, is going to come to an end, where young men can show respect and care for women again, persons like you will need to change your tune.

There are no two ways about it: Gayle's disgusting conduct is a slap in the face of civilised and decent Jamaicans. No doubt it will have negative implications for the cultural advancement the country has made.