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Letter of the Day: Give details on Heroes Park development

Published:Friday | January 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I would like to implore the general manager of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Desmond Malcolm, and Minister of Transport, Works and Housing Omar Davies to cause to be posted design plans, drawings, etc. of exactly what will be undertaken in the National Heroes Park development.

I would like to raise the following questions:

1) Will the new Parliament building be built on the National Heroes Park site, and, if this is so, is this included in the current phase of the development? Will additional properties in the vicinity be acquired for the construction?

2) Will the crab, soup, boiled and roasted corn vendors be relocated in the National Heroes Park from their current location and will proper sanitary convenience for their use be installed next door to their booths, kiosks or stalls?

3) Will the former cycle track be resuscitated?

4) Will the basic school remain at its present site at West National Circle?

5) Will the boxing gym next door to the basic school remain at its present location?

6) Will the park continue to serve as a parking lot for the Ministry of Finance and Planning or will a multi-storey parking garage be built for users of the park and the Ministry of Finance and Planning?

7) Will Kingstonians be able to jog in the park in order to keep fit?

8) Will a property manager be appointed, if there is none at present, or will it continue to fall under the superintendent of parks and gardens (Kingston and St Andrew Corporation. If it is the National Heritage Trust that has responsibility for this heritage site, will it continue to be wholly responsible?

9) What arrangements will there be for photography and videography? Will it be similar to that which now obtains at Emancipation Park?

10) What arrangements are being put in place for group visits, i.e., schools, groups and tourists? Will advance bookings have to be made prior to visiting the park?

The park should be green all year round, as there is an active well on the property. I trust that all of these questions will be answered as soon as the plans are posted.

In First World countries, the city managers have the responsibility of posting the plans/drawings in the town hall and on the site. In addition, the plans should be posted in the offices of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing and the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), and also on their websites.


Managing Director/CEO

Tranquillity Funeral Home