Tue | Nov 13, 2018

Traffic seizure nightmare

Published:Saturday | January 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM

My vehicle was rightly seized on January 2, 2016 by the police because of an expired licence.

During the process, the police officer witnessed me recording in my diary his identification number and became boisterous and infuriated.

On Monday, January 4, I attended the Lyndhurst Road pound to start the process of retrieval but was told that the staff was at a meeting. They did not arrive until several hours later, during which time, the vehicle attracted storage fees.

The wrecker fee did not have any basis on which it was commuted, but luckily, the location at which those fees were to be paid was within the Corporate Area.

Needless to say that after renewing the vehicle licence, a superintendent of police stationed only at Traffic Headquarters has to issue a permit provided that his research proves that he has no further interest in the matter or pending infractions against the driver.

Thereafter, I had to settle my daily impounding fees for which the first-day charge is five times that of each successive day that the vehicle is in the custody of the pound, and which payment can only be completed by personal visits to two separate locations of the Transport Authority having different addresses.

Finally, after two successive days of compliance with the procedures, the vehicle release is issued along with a vehicle identification and distinctive features checklist, which at no time during the entire process is beheld, co-signed, or corroborated by the driver/owner of the offending vehicle.

The Transport Authority's legal department must be made to explain how the distinctives of a vehicle can be reckoned in the total absence or concurrence of the owner/driver.