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Double standard in West Indies cricket

Published:Monday | January 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM


For all of their misdeeds on and off the field, both Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels have been given special treatment by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). Samuels, a lesser offender in that regard, has been a fixture on the team for years despite what has been a fairly mediocre career.

Gayle, because of T20 duty, has not been on the team because of choice, but immediately he indicates his availability, the WICB will no doubt welcome with open arms, his off-field behaviour notwithstanding.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan, however, long-time fixtures and vital contributors to our cricket, have experienced totally different treatment. The former has given his heart and soul to Windies cricket and has saved the team from utter humiliation frequently. Now in the twilight of his career he has been discarded, even though there are no adequate replacements.




Sarwan, because of injury issues, has attempted half-hearted comebacks but the board has offered little encouragement to him.

Incidentally, Denesh Ramdin, should be the Windies' captain, especially by virtue of experience. Jason Holder, a fine young man with a tremendous upside, is sadly out of his depth as captain.

Now, Lloyd, with a hit of desperation, is seeking outside help. I would humbly suggest to him that the sinking West Indies ship needs to plug the many gaps in its armour before even contemplating such assistance. The entire board should be disbanded for starters and a new one be put in place.

The old thinking simply is not working as is the decision to hire the legends to coach. A former star player does not necessarily translate into a good coach.


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