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Alex Marshall should quit school

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Alex Marshall of St George's College.


I write in response to Orville Higgins' column 'Education first? Hell no!', which was published in The Gleaner on December 26, 2015.

Orville, we have it so wrong it's not funny. Talent comes in many forms and it is very important that once talent is identified, it is honed. This includes spending copious amounts of time, energy and financial resources in seeing that that talent brings the best returns it possibly can.

Many parents quickly realise their children's knack (talent) for mathematics, English, the sciences and thus spend millions of dollars on extra classes and trying to get them into institutions that are known for fostering academic skills.

Yet, these same parents will not offer the same support to children who's knack are the arts and sports. Further, they even criticise other parents who send their children to institutions that are good at polishing these skills (St George's, Jamaica College, STETHS in football; Calabar, KC, JC in track and field).

The fact is, if your talent is at an advanced stage and you're young, remaining in school could retard your development in that particular talent. If Kobe, LeBron, Bill Gates, Puffy, Mark Zuckerberg had remained in school, we probably wouldn't have benefited from the gifts they've brought to the world. The world is a better place because they chose to work on their talents as opposed to staying in school.

Alex Marshall should leave school immediately. His level of talent suggests that he be placed in a programme where he can be properly educated about the rigours of international football. He has enough talent and potential to feed generations of his offspring. He should not waste time trying to figure out whether the cosine of 0 - 1, or whether St George's is a proper noun.

He should be focusing on building his strength and endurance. That beauty of a turn he has. The gem of a left foot. Striking the ball from 30 yards. Combinations with a fellow strike partner. That's what his education should entail.

Alex Marshall's education should be focused on getting him to play in the Champions League and using his football skills to mentor and motivate others like him. Imagine if Usain Bolt had stayed in school.