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Letter of the Day: Hypocritical Chappell can’t cast stones at Gayle

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2016 | 12:00 AMJohn C. Royes

Hypocritical Chappell can't cast stones at Gayle


I read in the January 9, 2015 edition of The Gleaner that Australian cricket great Ian Chappell is calling for a worldwide ban on West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle.

Let me share categorically that Chris' recent actions in his now widely publicised interview with Australian television presenter Mel McLaughlin was nothing short of asinine! In his exuberance, post one of his scintillating knocks, he went way over the top, and trying to be funny, I believe, acted stupidly.

He has since apologised, probably not in the most appropriate manner possible, but one thing is certain, he has learned his lesson, and the punishment meted out to him has been appropriate.

The recent comments made by Mr Chappell canvassing for an international ban on Chris rival closely those made by Chris himself in terms of their degree of asininity!

These comments coming from a man who, despite his legendary exploits on the cricket field, has not been unaccustomed to the use of profane language both on and off the field, as well as to brawls in the bar. These comments also coming from the same man who deliberately and indecently dropped his pants on-field in the middle of a Test match exposing his ass, in open and defiant disrespect to us, West Indians.

Australian cricketers have traditionally been the undisputed champions of sledging on the field of play, and were there a Nobel Prize awarded for taking vulgarity in said sledging to the lofty heights to which it has now attained, there would be no other contenders for the prize when the award was to be presented in Oslo.

Mr Chappell, of all persons, should never have been the one to even harbour the thought of casting the proverbial stone.

I wonder if his outcry would have been as vociferous had a white Australian cricketer behaved as inappropriately (as Chris did) to a black West Indian interviewer.


Consultant Paediatrician

Head, Kidz Klinik