Tue | Jan 22, 2019

No to sovereign Maroon state

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM


During the recently held Maroon celebrations commemorating the signing of the peace treaty with, and 'victory' over, the British, a leader has been reported as saying that he plans to pursue sovereignty for the Maroon communities on the island. I am not sure what sense of grandeur went up his head, but I can tell him straight off the bat that he should just drop that idea.

I wonder how the leader of Jamaica's Maroons plan to sustain such a sovereign state. What will that state's main exports be - African dance and culture? His state would need a civil service. How will the Maroons pay for that - taxes?

He mentioned something about a sovereign Maroon state taking full control of its police force. How does he plan to have that force funded - by having regular rain dances?

You know, small nations like ours are hardly feasible. How much less feasible will the sovereign Maroon state be, with only a few thousand people and a few thousand acres? Maybe such a tribal 'state' could have barely managed in centuries past - but these are modern times. Countries these days are coming together - not splitting up.

I would urge the leader of the Maroons to get real and ditch his crazy plan of seeking to dismember the Jamaican state. He should be happy that the Maroon community already has a unique place in Jamaica's history and culture.