Thu | Jan 17, 2019

What if Prince William had courted Mel McLaughlin?

Published:Wednesday | January 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Having viewed the now-infamous Chris Gayle interview with Mel McLaughlin, I am, in my own naïveté, taken aback by the furore it has caused and the toll being extracted from Mr Gayle for his albeit culturally inappropriate remarks.

I certainly do think that his remarks to the interviewer were inappropriate but not sexist. Indeed, immediately following his interview when the in-house reporters rejoined, two of them made very little of Mr Gayle's inappropriate comments while the youngest of the three seemed to take particular offence. His rather sombre demeanour bordered on sulking and left me wondering whether his attitude might have been inspired by race or class considerations rather than sexism. Who knows, perhaps even something as banal as plain old jealousy.

Had this been Prince William who owned the mouth that made the remarks, would there have been calls for his head, or would the TV fans have seen this as the start of a fairy-tale romance? I also wonder what the viewers would have said if the interviewing reporter had been Trinidadian or Jamaican.

It cannot end here because we live in a sick world steeped in intrigue and double standard where bigotry prevails and labelling is the norm. Profiling is easy, and for some, Mr Gayle simply does not fit their profile!