Sun | Dec 9, 2018

Cash-only Traffic Court backward

Published:Friday | January 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I recently had reason to attend the Traffic Court located on Camp Road in Kingston. It being my first interaction with the court system, I was unaware that in 2016, the court had no facility in place to accept any other form of payment but cash.

One would hope that this is not the case throughout the system, whereby having been found in breach of the law, and where said law allows for the matter to be disposed of by the payment of a fine or a term of imprisonment that one could face the grave displeasure of being imprisoned, not because of an inability to pay the fine but, rather, because of an antiquated court system which does not provide for the cashless payment of fines through debit or credit cards.

It is, therefore, recommended that the Ministry of Justice, in the modernisation of the court system, seek to address such inadequacy, which is not reflective of a modern system of commerce.