Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Retrain Christian counsellors to deal with gays

Published:Friday | January 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write in reference to the article titled 'Guidance counsellors shun gay, lesbian students' published in The Gleaner on January 11, 2016.

The reluctance or fearfulness of guidance counsellors of Christian faith to offer services to the students struggling with homosexuality underscores the negligence of the Church in equipping its members to deal with the discourses on homosexuality. There is, therefore, a great need for the instalment of speedy training sessions in the Christian community to enable preparedness and heighten confidence of Christians upon confrontation with matters of same-sex relations.

It is very pertinent that church leaders equip themselves and their members to affirm these individuals without affirming the behaviour. Our lack of knowledge in offering guidance and counselling has only promulgated distrust in the Body of Christ, which leaves little to no avenue for open and honest dialogue.

Many homosexuals are longing to feel compassion emanating from the Church, not in acceptance of the lifestyle, but more so, the love of Christ demonstrable through acts of love and words of affirmation for their worth and importance of moral uprightness. Children, especially in primary and high schools, need this more because of their vulnerable stage of emotional development. If they are not nurtured and guided properly, they will be led to further brokenness disguised as freedom.

The guidance counsellors ought not to blindly evade the tides of sexuality choices, but confront them in love and truth, as Christ would have done.


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